Cruise Info & Tips

Here I will provide you with cruise tips and information from planning your trip to budgeting to packing to getting on board and enjoying your cruise.


10 Reasons to Cruise

  • Value/Luxury
  • Stress-free planning
  • Convenience
  • Different Choices of ships/ship board activities/themed cruises/journey cruises
  • Food/Dining
  • Excursions/Exploration/Ports of Call
  • Wellness/Relaxation or Adventure


Questions to Ask Before You Plan Your Cruise

  • What’s your biggest cruising fear? Bad weather, being board on board, not enough time in port, too many people/strangers,
  • What destination is at the top of your travel list?
  • What is the best reason to travel by boat or ship? Visiting different places. Visiting multiple places without having to pack/unpack, taking a break from real life, being on the ocean,
  • Who is your favorite travel companion?
  • What is your favorite food?
  • How do you pack? Pack everything, pack early, throw it last minute into the suitcase,
  • What kind of souvenir are you most likely to bring home? Jewelry, t-shirt, pictures, none, other?
  • You never leave home without? Phone, credit card, snack,
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