Life Adventures

Life Changes, Complications, and Dreams

It seems hard to believe it’s been so long since cruising and traveling where part of my life. I have been grounded in homeport. And Life in Homeport has been crazy! Spending so much time at home and working at my homeport job has consumed me completely.

Well other people have not been working, I have been working and working and working. You see my homeport job is at the local grocery store! What I thought was a little local job that would keep me connected to the community has turned into an essential job that has consumed me and distracted me from my real work. 

While I couldn’t travel it seems like the whole world has traveled despite restrictions and come to the beach!

So instead of taking this time off from travel and actually working on the websites and blogs, I have been exhausted from being the person taking care of the tourists! Nothing has gotten accomplished like I had planned or wanted to.

I want very much to get back to thinking about traveling, traveling and sharing my experiences.  I have been able to travel some but taking the time to write about it and working on the blogs has been non-existent. I want to get back to what makes me happy because my homeport beach has taken my dream homeport beach life and made it not so wonderful.

And to add to the fact, unexpected circumstances happened that forced me off the beach and island onto the mainland but on the water on the intracoastal waterway. I am still just getting re-centered, organized and settled but I am craving to shift my life to be financially stable from my creative passions enough to allow me to pursue them full time rather than part-time!

Time to re-dream, make some adjustments, come up with some new ideas, new plans, new opportunities and reignite my creative passions again. Even when you have reached dreams and goals and have been moving full steam ahead, Life just has it’s own ideas. there is nothing we can do when world situations, circumstances and other life issues show up that you have not control over. 

I haven’t lost my personal power but I need to use my personal power to work around or through life obstacles and limitations life has thrown at me. Eventually I will once again release those limitations. And I plan on doing just that, once I figure out my new adventure and recreate a new path.

  I am open to possibilities and opportunities that will arise now that some of my life has fallen away there is room for new ideas and growth to come in. And so very ready to see where it leads and what may show up!

My travel life may look a little different than I planned but as long as I find my way back on the path and cruising however it looks like I am ready. Well almost ready. I am in preplanning mode right now, heading into planning mode.

I am redesigning my life this very minute. 

Not sure what changes might show up here but I am looking things over and it will take shape as my reimagined life takes shape.  I am heading to New Orleans for a change of scenery and a change of pace in a couple of weeks. I am excited to see what new ideas and opportunities might show up either while I am there or when I return. I am a true believer in exploring new places is the way to open yourself up to new ideas that you never thought possible. Travel plays a huge part in who I am and who I become. I am sure it will shift me thoughts and being. 

Travel is transformational. I am expecting some transformation to being to occur soon.




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