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I am planning a personal trip during this time when travel is still somewhat restricted.

My first grandchild- a grandson is about to be born. My daughter lives on the west coast while I live on the east coast. Since the baby is due the first part of Oct, I decided to wait a bit and be at her home not only to see the baby but to actually celebrate her birthday with her. It has been man years since I have been able to celebrate her birth with her!

Why fly to the west coast for just a week? So I decided to head to my other daughter’s in Oregon for a week too. And how can I go to the west coast and not do a little wine tasting? Well I can’t. I can add a little person fun with family time and even do some reporting and blogging too. 

I booked flights into southern Oregon wine country. Sam & I decided to spend a few days there exploring the wine country before heading out to her home. 

Everything was falling into place. Then the fires in California were out of control. My daughter and her husband were evacuated from their home and weren’t sure they would have a home to go home to! It was a tense week, but the firefighters were able to get some containment on the fire that was heading their way. They safely returned home. 


Then my flights were cancelled by the airline and they rescheduled only two of my three flights! And the two flights they rebooked me on only had a 51 minute layover! Crazy. the risk of missing the final flight was not acceptable since now that was the only flight scheduled from my direction into the Oregon airport. 

I called the airline. They rebooked my first flight, changed the second flight to an earlier one so now I have two decent layovers and plenty of time to relax and eat!. I started looking at hotels in wine country.

Then a wild fire burned threw the two towns to the south of the airport. Parts of wine country were evacuated and other parts on alert. I talked with my daughter in Oregon. We decided to hold off booking a hotel and see what happens.  I anxious watched and waited. Again thankfully the firefighters were able to put a containment on the fire in that area. 

There are still many wildfires burning in both California and Oregon. The situation is still volatile and dangerous in areas. 

Now plans are once again set and I have booked a hotel for the weekend in Oregon wine country. There are still details to work out. I am looking forward to this trip. 

I never seem to have a trip without a little unexpected and often unwanted obstacles and changes along the way. Flying always seems to be a bump in the road for me. And it has begun even before I have left the ground. eVen before I have arrived at teh airport. 

Hopefully the bumps have happened and the rest of the flight out to the west coast will go smooth and easy. Once can hope.

I haven’t flow with covid restrictions and protocols in place it will be a different experience of flying.  I will let you know about flying across country.

Have you flown in the last 6 months? What was your experience?  Will you fly anytime soon?

Travel within the US has never been restricted.

People have been traveling all over the country since March when the stay-at-home went into effect.  I know this for a fact because I live in a tourist/vacation community and we have had an overwhelming amount of tourists descend upon our island. 

I know how much travel is in many of our DNA. Getting away from normal life is what vacations are all about. Vacations have been and is an important part of our culture. I myself am looking forward to getting away. Though writing and traveling are my career, I do have a regular day job that is tied directly into the community of this island. I like, you, go to work routinely everyday. These past six month have been busier and crazier than I have ever experienced. so I am ready for this vacation.

While people come to my home town for vacation, I will head off to visit with family and enjoy the other coast for my vacation. 

And of course there has been no cruise traveling for fun or business.  

A Blessed Event and Family are the perfect reason to travel.

I am looking forward to Getting Back to the Business of Traveling even if it is for pleasure!



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