Cruise Preparation

Pre-planning Tips

  • Learn about different cruise lines-know which type is right for you
  • Think beyond the traditional cruise
  • Start planning early
  • You don’t need the fanciest/biggest cabin if just needs to fit your needs and your budget
  • Do your research and planning on what to do in port- Look over the cruise line excursions for ideas When cruising resumes a cruise line excursion maybe your only option for getting off the ship.-If ou can get off and explore port yourself, have an idea of what you want to see and do but leave room for exploring. 
  • Don’t succumb to seasickness- be prepared. If you are prone to seasickness begin taking medication 24 hours before you set sail. 
  • Extend your trip-preferable arrive in port early –explore embarkation port or add a couple of days after the cruise. 


Cruise Travel Preparations 

More than a 1 year before-Dream, look at ideas, gather information, look at brochures and websites, travel magazines

1 year to 9 months-Choose and book your cruise make deposit

9 months to 6 months-Start making final arrangements, time off from work, start looking at transportation to port, airfare and nearby hotels, pre arrival ideas,

6 months to 4 months– book airfare to/from port of embarkation, book hotel for night before cruise (highly recommended to arrive the day before at least), transportation to ship, final decisions on travel insurance, start looking at shore excursions, research ports of calls to think about what you might like to do at each port,

4 months to 2 months-make sure all arranges from above are made, consider booking shore excursions or gather details for activities you are planning to do in port, start studying about the ship as well and look at specialty restaurants, spa treatments that you might be interested in, Make sure cruise is paid for by due date, make sure your passport is up to date-renew if necessary

2 months to 1 month- Make sure you cruise information is correct, set up onboard account, start getting excited!! Start you cruise count down!

1 month to 1 week-Start getting things ready to pack, think about what you will need –make lists, buy or collect items you need, print out luggage tags and boarding pass, make sure you have e-ticket and hotel confirmation info, arrange any last minute transportation to/from airports, anything that you need to have taken care of while you are away.

1 week- Pack, prepare all documents, medicines, phone plan (if necessary) get everything ready to go

Have a Great Cruise!

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