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Forever Since Our Last Adventure

It’s seems like it has been forever since our last Sisters Travel Adventure. Well it has been a long time between adventures for us. Our last cruise was September 2018! We have skipped a whole year! How did we do that? How did we survive it!

I planned this adventure with friends from my homeport. This upcoming cruise was off Susan & I regular cruising schedule time but perfect for us islanders and island life. This was the beginning of cruisingwithcathy,  as I started planning a group cruise as an cruise travel agent!

Susan & I tried to schedule an early fall adventure for this past year but it just didn’t come together. Reluctantly, we ended up deciding to skip our usual fall adventure.

Instead we decided to book another cruise for fall in 2020 and have two cruises this year. Well just as 2019 ended our second cruise -the fall cruise was cancelled by the cruise line. Our very nostalgic Mardi Gras cruise! Disappointed we have looked at some options but still as of yet haven’t agreed on one.

Our focus right now is this upcoming group cruise with The Second Row. We are excited to be joining our Sisters Travel Adventures with my favorite homeport pub! The Second Row is where I hang out. It is where my second family lives and hangs out. It is our ‘Cheers’ (which by the way is near where I grew up).

This is a first experience for me to plan and organize a group cruise. It has been a challenge but fun. I have had fun and had a lot of learning along the way. And the learning as a cruise travel agent is still in the early stages. I really do what to share my love of cruising with others and hope to get you to fall in love with cruising as well.

I am so excited that Susan & I will be sharing our love of cruising with my daughter, Nikki and a group of my friends from Topsail. There are 14 of us going. We have 8 staterooms.

We are heading for the Carnival Magic. And it will be Magically!

The ship is booked. We are all checked-in. At the end of the month we will head to Ft. Lauderdale. And we begin the month of February taking to the seas

So be prepared to follow along on our adventure.  20 Days and counting down!

If you want to plan your own cruise adventure contact me

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