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Hesitant to Dream of Cruising

I have been having a hard time even thinking about writing about cruising or traveling. I haven’t felt much like planning our next cruise. With our cruise on the new Mardi Gras shipped planned for September 2020 cancelled and with cruising and traveling on hold, I can’t seem to really get into planning a trip.

Not being able to cruise or travel, I am at home working my homeport job.  My homeport job is at the local grocery store. It has been a hectic and sometimes frustrating experience. And thinking about travel right now when I am not happy with people who are traveling into our town from other places in the country doesn’t feel right. 

My sister has been focused on possible cruises during this stay-at-home time. She is not working with plenty of time on her hands. Not being able to travel has had the opposite effect on her. She is having wanderlust and wants to get on a ship NOW! 

She has been texting me options for cruises consistently.  I really do want to be off on a cruise ship as soon as possible but hesitate to book something for anytime soon. It has just felt like an indulgence right now with all that is going on around me. 

One of the cruises Susan sent me though was very interesting and intriguing to me. So I finally decide to check it out. I logged into the agent portal and pulled it up. At that moment while I was staring at the computer screen Susan texted me. Another cruise post. So I asked her what her VIFP number was, as I was looking under my number and I knew that she had mentioned about a deal she got in an email that was less. than the price I was looking at. I changed from my profile to hers. I discovered that Susan had a better deal offer than I did! It began to draw me in. I was tempted.

I really did want this cruise the most out of all the other options she had sent me, so I texted her back and said well I am here right now in the booking portal so why don’t I just book it now. Of course she said yes! So I booked it. It is not until May 2021 but it is during her birthday week! Since this year we can’t do any get together or trip for her birthday it seems right to just go ahead and plan a celebration for next year. 

So now I am beginning to feel the pull of the ocean and cruises. Maybe I will finally get around to writing about our last Sisters Travel Adventure that we took with Cruising with Cathy”s Second Row Group Cruise. 

And there is always the chance that something will come along that will get us back onboard sooner maybe later in the fall or around the holidays. 

For now we can look forward to our Cruise on the Carnival Radiance May 2021 from Port Canaveral to Aruba, Curacao, Cartagena, Colombia, Panama Canal, Limon, Costa Rica, Cozumel ending in Galveston. 



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